Hello All,

I make classical and flamenco guitars, and teach guitar making. I have been thinking of a 3/4 size guitar, or baritone-uke sized instrument as a possible project for my students. Many are reluctant to sign up for the time and money required to make a full sized instrument---understandably! The smaller size instrument could be considerably simpler, quicker, and cheaper.

In my 33 years of building I've never made such an instrument. I'm wide open for advice, suggestions, cautions, sources of materials and info, etc...

Many thanks,

Brian Burns

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I recently had a mandolin player bring me a tenor guitar , he played it like a big mandolin and it sounded awesome . But then the customers might not want to re-learn from 6 string guitar ?

Hello Len,

The 3/4 size guitar would have 6 strings, and a 2 inch wide fingerboard at the nut (if desired). Since the body size is close to that of a baritone uke, it could be built for four strings, and with an appropriately narrower neck---somewhat quicker and cheaper.

The 3/4 size guitar could be a travel guitar, or a child's guitar that eventually became their travel guitar.




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