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Very good documentary!  I enjoyed this .  Nice combination of hand and machine tool use.

How many of us are using a shooting board ?  It would be interesting to compare.

Start at 2 minutes to skip the usual useless introductions. The only word I thought she said that I understand was ukulele. He then went and picked up a uke body. They seem to be using a hand planer a lot? Construction seems to be fast and crude and then do a lot of power sanding? The young man can certainly string a classical guitar much faster than I can.

I was impressed and amazed. both in a positive way and a frightened way, by some of the methods of work going on!

Fascinating.  Is that "Asian Mystery Glue" they're using?

I'm disappointed they didn't show the finishing shop.  Maybe too risky for the camera crew?

If this were to Occur in the USA, I suspect OSHA would have a few things to say about some safety issues, especially with power tools... .


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