I found the site aliexpress and it has some pretty cheap luthier tools on there.  I checked on the review sites and they are mostly negative (from 3rd party sites), just wondering if anyone had any experience on their site?  Looks like they have some nice things...

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Aliexpress has bulk guitar gear and poking around yields even more Asia based sites with a host of cheap gear:   From my colleagues experience and seeing the stuff they get, two things come to mind:   the original quality items that we pay a lot for in the West are not too far removed from the copies of these units but some are counterfeit (as would be expected) junk.  However, as a lot of these sites have free international shipping it's prudent to order a minimum sample to check the quality before ordering stock.  Buyer beware.



I buy loads of bone blanks from Aliexpress. Huge savings compared to European prices.

never had a problem with them?  quality, shipping, etc?

No problems. Delivery time is very long (2-4 weeks), but delivery is free, so you can't really complain.

I have had one or two bone blanks that were porous, but in general the quality is just as good as any blanks you buy from the European suppliers (they probably also source them from China..).

I have looked at some of the tools they have, but from the pictures it really looks like Chinese pot metal...


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