Hey everyone! Looking for a little advice. I have a modestly priced mandolin on the bench. The doweled butt joint let go, but the tongue is still attached to the top. The customer is looking for a cost-effective repair (which I understand... the mando probably costs around $250 new). The joint appears to fit fairly well, but I don't want to stress the neck too much trying to pry it open. I would simply glue and add a screw, but the dowel is already in the best place for a screw. It has f-holes, so I can't really get at the block from the inside. Given the choice between Titebond, hide glue, or epoxy, which would you reach for? Thanks!

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Considering its' value and the type of neck joint used, this mando falls more or less in the "disposable" category of offshore beginners instruments.

Anything you can do to extend its' usefulness would be a positive.

I'd reach for the "magic-in-a-can" West Systems epoxy!

You could go as far as to tint the stuff and with some clean-up before it kicks, and a bit of leveling/polishing after it sets, it can look pretty good, almost as new... if that's even necessary.


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