Hello. One of my clients will be studying in the Netherlands next month and I advised him to bring his guitar to a luthier once he gets there. If someone in this forum could give me some telephone or e-mail address, I'll send it to my client. Thanks!

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Hi Alexander!


I can try to help you out finding a luthier in the Netherlands. Any idea where (town/ province) your client is going to study?

I'm in Leeuwarden (province Friesland) but don't do electrics...

He's gonna be in Amsterdam. By the way, his guitar is a DBZ Imperial. While it's a solidbody electric, it's equipped with a Tune-O-matic bridge and tailpiece; and it feels and sounds like a jazzbox.

Hi Alexander,


Here's a link to Fern's guitars in Amsterdam: 

I think it's best if your client contacts them in advance, just to be sure there is workshop time avalaible...



Thank you!


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