I am thinking of making a bari neck for one of my K71s. The neck on the guitar is written off. I need some adult supervision with getting the particulars straight. I want the bridge to stay in same place, and extend the neck as long as needed , and put on a proper bari scale  bolt

on neck.

 I'm not new to this biz, and have a few huge pieces of mahogany that came actually, from the Larrivee factory while it was still in Vancouver.

 I know this has been done before, I just need a bit of help with all of it. 

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Decide on your scale length , plus nut and headstock length minus bridge to pocket .Thats you timber length .  The 12th will be where it happens to be . Did you mean "bolt on " when you typed "out on"neck ? I don't know what a K71 is so maybe i'm missing something ?


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