Somehow while sanding and scraping the guitar body sides...I've almost sanded through in a 2" by 2" area, upper bout, near the waist, on the treble side...probably down to .010 maybe. Can flex it with my thumb, and it's tender there. Body is super fine in every other respect. I surprise myself with some of the things I manage to do. Body is H. Mahogany.

Any suggestions for a proper repair.? Seems a shame to cast it aside.


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Tough to say without seeing the real estate from the inside, but maybe you could cut a slightly larger mahogany patch, pre-bend it on a bending iron to match the curvature... then just proceed as though you were repairing the proverbial bullet hole crack. If there's still an unadulterated .010", the patch should never show. 

You could always a lamination on the inside to support it.

Thank you Mike and Ned. Looks like a bent backer/ inside patch is in order.....and a dunce cap.

Yeah thats what Id do. Use a piece of wood thats a close match and try for a good joint, just in case. Hopefully the sanding is done though.

Dont feel too bad. Ive been kicking myself a lot lately too :p. I keep telling myself that dealing with these things makes me better. Not sure if its true lol.

Thank you Andrew, ...the moral support is an important component of my recovery, and I appreciate it very much. I'll do a nice patch, and she'll be a keeper.

I will certainly NOT do this again. ;)



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