This is my first post so I hope I don't mess this up! I am going to build a new saddle slot mounting rig to upgrade my current dremel based setup. I will most likely build a fairly simple jig as I usually only cut a few saddle slots a year. I would like to buy a trim router that has good visibility of the bit during the job.... some routers/bases seem almost impossible to view the cut. I noticed a few have an open on one side "horseshoe" shaped base that looks like it would have better visibility. I would love to hear any advise and/or photos of fairly simple saddle slotting setups - hoping to knock this out in the next few days.

Thanks - love this site as well as!

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Has anyone used the Bosch Colt for this kind of work? I was eyeing them for some time after having used my neighbour's larger Bosch on some home renovations. 

I have two Bosch Colts but don't use them for saddle slots. I use them for trimming binding and routing binding channels. Workhorses.


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