I ended up with a slot about .015" deeper than the binding is thick.  Can I line the slot with tape to make up the difference or is that a recipe for disaster?  Would a glued-in paper shim be better?

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Can you not get thicker binding to accomodate, or put in a contrasting veneer and reduce the binding thickness somewhat? I personally would not want cheap material like tape or paper in there.

I would just do what Andrew said you can get diferent purflings from Stu-Mac to fill in the gap.P.S If you are going to be doing this kind of work you realy need to have a lot of different size purflings on hand as well as different size bindings. Not only for new builds but also for repair work. Good luck  Bill...........

Thank you both for your replies.  I do have some thin veneering that I'll use.  I was looking for the easiest way since I'm bending solid wood binding around a difficult cutaway and was not looking forward to bending any more than I had to.

How about 2 layers of .010 fiber veneer?  Lay then down first. Then scrape the ~.005 overhang of your binding flush.

Sounds good.


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