looking for these exact m3 inserts. dont need the screws. this photo is from ebay. cant find these exact tapered inserts anywhere

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Hi Nic,

Yep, we use them in our Artisan 400 series.  I’ll get back to you ASAP. They are Korean sourced I recall.

Regards Rusty. 

HI Nic, 

This is the address and a screen capture to get you started, these are not cheap but I cannot source them anywhere else despite my best efforts:

If you have trouble getting any of this to open or stick tell me and we'll do something else to hook it up.



you're a lifesaver russell !!. thanks

tried to get the guy to sell me a few hundred inserts without screws rusty . he refused. i guess he makes too much profit the way he sells right now to bother changing his ways. if you see any of these elsewhere feel free to let me know. much obliged, nick.

Yes Nic, as I said:  "I cannot source them anywhere else despite my best efforts,".    


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