Bridge lifting on a brand new J-200? or simply insufficent glue on a small area?

Hello to everyone,

this is my first post, and any advice from you experts would appreciated...

this is a brand new j-200, I just discovered that there's a small gap between the bridge's corner and the soundboard, it seems that the glue has failed in that area.

the paper inserted in the pics defines exactly the unglued area, while the rest of the bridge adhere perfectly to the top.

also, it seems not to be related with string tension, the gap is always visible also without strings, and with the strings in tune the gap increase slightly (very slightly, almost imperceptible).

what do you think?

the following pics are without string tension:

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Why don't you just take it back to were you bought it and have them take care of it that way if anything happens to it after it will still be under warranty? Just my take on it. Bill.............

Thanks for response Bill,

obviously tomorrow I'll call the dealer to figure out what to do, while I'm trying to understand how severe the issue,

if necessary i'll ask for a new one...

I would do as Bill suggested. I don't know how much strength this loop imparts to the structure but I think this would be too easy to break as it is now. Besides, this isn't a cheap guitar and should be "right".

Ever glue one of those bridges down?  It ain't that easy to remove the finish neatly under the curly bits to get a good gluing surface.  I guess it's not surprising that Gibson may take a shortcut or two.  That said, I don't suppose there's much danger of anything really nasty happening as a result of the looseness you illustrated if it's isolated in only that area.

Good time to check the warranty situation, you bet.

Thanks for reply Mr. Ford, I read all your articles on!

It's not the first time that happen to me with gibson acoustics, I've had a similar issue on a firebird acoustic who had the fretboard portion that lies on soundboard partially unglued..,this time I'm a bit distressed!

Anyway, the remaining area it seems ok, however the opposite bridge corner (on the treble side) had the same, but smaller, issue, in a very minor way, at the point that it's impossible to slip in a paper sheet between the joints...but it is also true that now I see "all bad", 'cause my main concern now is that behind these small "oversights" there might be a major issue...


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