Estimates, invoices, accounting, pictures, letters of dispute w/ebay, scheduling.

I'm trying to get organized but feel like I spend more time on paperwork than repair.

Anybody happy with the system they use for this stuff?


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I use invoice2go to keep track of cash received which is a very simple to use application available for tablets, smart phones and computers.  I use a basic check book ledger application to keep track of cash distributed (called accounts 2).  Both apps produce reports quickly and easily.  At the end of the year, I create a basic spreadsheet for the accountant that has the totals for each category of cash distributed and received.

Quick and easy bookkeeping means I have more time at the workbench.

I looked at Invoice2Go a while back. It looks handy, but I'm allergic to "rental"software where you essentially license the software on a yearly basis.

Probably 15 years ago Microsoft and others talked about moving all software online as a way to counter piracy. It's a good move from their POV: Zero marginal cost of producing each additional unit, only one software installation to maintain, no software piracy, everyone pays to play, and a new payment model: leasing a service rather than selling a product.

I guess I'm conservative in that I don't want to my operation to be dependent on a reliable internet connection. As I understand it, I2G backs up all information in the Cloud and logs user metrics - number of invoices created, etc. So, all versions of the App - desktop, iPhone, and iPad - must be connected to function. 

I guess my other hesitation stems from not wanting to put any more personal information on the web for the NSA and  business intelligence companies to parse.


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