can I get more info on Buzz Feiten tuning systems anyone 

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I've installed a few on electrics.  Basically, you carve a custom nut from their blank.  There are specific specs for every guitar and scale length.  The idea is to shorten or lengthen each open string at the top of the fingerboard.  Tuning requires an electronic tuner with a Buzz Fieten setting.  Customers seemed happy, but who knows.  The Earvana nut works on the same principle.

Acoustic is a whole nuther ball of wax.  Requires moving the saddle slot.

Christian are you a Buzz Feiten authorized repair man if so how do I find out about the team . I watched his Video from the NAMM show and there are only a few shops that practice this system .

I was.  No longer.  They wanted me to pay a licensing fee of $300.  Wasn't worth the effort.  

Christian how would I learn about joining the Buzz Feiten team is there a web page E mail address or phone number to call ?$300 sounds worth it to me if I can make guitars sound sweeter . Yes I do have a Peterson Strobe flip with Buzz Feiten tuning available for my customers . 

The last guy I spoke with was Allen Wald 310 832 7981, cell -310 701  2767.  Now, this was years ago. 2005-6.  The last address I have from them is 13310 Maxella Ave, No 1, Marina Del Rey, Ca.90292.  Good Luck.  I don't know what their current policy is.

I received the 'level 2' training (authorized to retrofit any acoustic or solidbody instrument with the BFTS) in '06 from the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair in BC, Canada.


The BFTS retrofit clients that I've had over the years have been happy. When I say retrofit, that also includes 6 areas of adjustment that get worked (frets, neck, nut, action, intonation, pickups).


That being said, I find that clients who purchase the 'world-class setup' (those same 6 areas of adjustment) are also very happy.


FRANK, since you are interested in this type of thing I would suggest that you attempt to digest this 8 page article written by luthier Mike Doolin: 


After studying the Doolin article I'm more convinced than ever that the Earvana approach is just as useful but much more affordable.

thanks guys Ill look into it


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