I've got a CR carbon fiber acoustic in the shop with a pair of top cracks and a 9 inch top to side seam separation. I'm guessing slow-set epoxy or possibly CA, anyone have any thoughts on this "never crack" material? Thanks.

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Suggestion: think like a fly fisherman.  High end graphite rod companies use epoxy to fasten line guides, hook keepers, and reel seats to their graphite (carbon fiber) rod blanks.  I'd go with epoxy.

Hi Stephen.

I'm curious.  What 'caused' the top cracks and seam separation.  I'd like to add the cause to my mental list of "never do this" items.

Per chance, is this a Composite Acoustics guitar or a Blackbird sold by CR Guitars?

Thanks & best of luck,


It's a Composite Acoustics with fancy rosette etc.. The customer says nothing happened to it as he pulls it out of a gig bag(!). I've found an impact point and am going with carefully applied epoxy from the inside as I'm not sure how clean the touch up will be. The odd thing is the small cracks aren't in a straight line and look like a waveform pattern. And to balance my brush with modern technology a 30's Martin came in with the top of the headstock cut off so it would fit in the case. Cheers!

Just a thought, throw away the Composite Acoustics thing and go about saving that Martin. LOL sort of.


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