How do you repair guys deal with this finish when repairing cracks, etc. or do you just refuse to work on them? They're very frustrating!!

The guitar I have in my shop has a wood crack all the way up the back. This was sent to me by a small dealer who works out of a large antique shop and I would assume it was very dry and hot in there, it's only open 4 days a week, the fingerboard and bridge were extremely dry, I put some re-conditioner on them. One section of the crack between a brace and binding I could not get close, I think the brace would have to be removed to get it to close which I didn't do. It's almost like the glue softened the back cracked and then the glue hardened. ??????

Fox Haven Lutherie

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The glue softening and re-hardening as you describe can happen if an instrument is left in a very hot place (e.g. a car trunk). Are you saying that even after re-hydrating the guitar the crack did not close? Also, are you asking about the cosmetic issue of dealing with a catalyzed finish?
All the of the crack closed except for the section between the bottom back brace and the binding. Yes there is a cosmetic issue.



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