Hi friends , Im after some advise on this centre seam , the gap opened up while removing the bridge . I had masked with masking tape (for scratches) and white cardboard for heat , when I peeled off the tape This gap had opened up ! I can't see why , the bridge came off easily , with no undue force , also there is a brace running along the seam and covering it , would you seperate the brace to allow the gap to close ?

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It probably got a little too hot when you heated the bridge.  I would work some glue into it and continue on.

Thanks Glen , maybe it dried and shrank with the heat lamp ?

Well it depends on how much heat passed through the bridge.  This isn't that uncommon.  When I heat a bridge, I keep feeling the bridge patch temp with my finger to avoid softening the glue in this seam.

We use thick cardboard with heavy duty foil, reflective side out.  We have many shields for various bridges so we are sure that the cutout fits snuggly around the bridge.  As an added safeguard we also use that foil HVAC tape spanning the intersection of the shield and bridge and going 1/8" or so over the bridge.

My guess is that white cardboard didn't shield the top well enough from the heat lamp heat.  

I tend to heat for perhaps 30 seconds and then test for a gummy feel.  If not ready I heat a bit more but my lamp is never on the bridge more than maybe 20 - 30 seconds at a time.

Yes I think thats it , thanks Hesh.


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