I read an article in an Luthier's Guild publication that featured a Mr. Geza's V-joint construction techniques.  Mr. Geza fabricated the necessary layout jigs pictured in the article.  


Does anyone know of any detailed construction plans for the afore mentioned layout jigs??

(I'm being lazy and am trying to avoid the geometry and measurements required for the construction of the jigs).

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Dunno if this is quite what you want, but there's a very good flash tutorial on this page:
if you follow the link "Extras" and look under "Birds beak Demo". I think you'll still need to do a little nitty-gritty calculation and measurement, but at least it gives you the confidence to have a go!

Thanks for the tip.
Although this wasn't quite the type of joint details I was looking for (Classical guitar, ala Geza), The splice joint detailed is very interesting.



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