So i've an 18 yr old guitar now.. i've cleaned it with naptha, even steel wool, but it still feels abit sticky.. i don't want to go too hard on it lest i wipe out the whole finish!

anything else i could try?

i mean, it looks AND smells all vintagey now but it doens't have to feel that way!

It's a 92 taylor which i think would've had a satin neck as well, of course now with all the play it's gloss...

any other suggestions?

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i have virtuoso too!! but I thought those were only meant for satin finishes... hmmm

ok thanks for the help guys, i'll let u know!
oh I have virtuoso too! But I thought it was only for gloss finishes?
Hi all,

today my neck finish became kinda soft.. like i used my fingernail to test an inconspicuous portion and I could leave a nail mark there!

what's with it?! the guitar is nitro finished so i'm guessing it's all over including the neck.

How do I make it hard again?
Hmm this is weird I can't see a Taylor finish softening due to a chemical oil finish maybe so, but Taylor don't use that. I know they are currently using UV cured and know from experience that there's very little that'll touch that.
It may be as suggested that the neck has been polished with a wax that has degenerated due to reacting with sweat. If so, then for really stubborn grease and dirt, Dan Erlewine recommends using naphtha and if that doesn't work then the next step up is household ammonia. I've never had to use that, naphtha usually does the trick though occasionally a little gentle abrasion with a nylon pad helps. If it's the finish that has gone soft then it's beyond me..
Any suggestion that the neck has been re-finished at any time?

oh it's an early 90s taylors and if research has proven right.. those used to be nitro


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