i'ma new guy to banjos -

would like to make sure the bridge is in the proper place -

can i use a tuner and the 12th fret like on a guitar? -

anyone shed light on a mathematical formula for this? -

or a chart for the scale lengths? -



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On a banjo, I use the 12th fret and harmonic to fretted note comparison. Sure easy to adjust the position!

There will be ,of course a slant to the bridge angle for some compensation.

It is my impression that banjo players have always done this and not any arithmetical cogitation.



well, thanx charlie & ned -

guess it's time to get me one o' them new~fangled electronic tuners as all i've been using is the A pitch fork mama bought me back in '71 . . .

you can also set tuner from online to your computer..just search 'til you find one you can deal with and they're freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I agree with Charlie. I set the bridge location just as I would with a mandolin or any other loose bridge instrument. The scale length is different on a mandolin, a guitar or a banjo but they are all evenly tempered so the 12th fret should be the octave and the bridge should be roughly twice that distance from the nut. Like Charlie, I use the fretted note/harmonic to fine tune the position.




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