Hey everyone! i make guitar parts, mainly les paul style bodies and necks, and was wondering if anyone had any decent resources about buying or bulding a dead head sander for shaping the necks.

im currently doing them with a belt sander and by hand, but it takes ages, and the results are somewhat inconsistant.

even some decent pictures of one would be helpful. Im just now starting to learn about them so anything you can provide would be very much appreciated.

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I have couple of photos on my tour of CFox guitars (1999):


You'll want some of that graphite coated canvas for the surface of the "head" - it really cuts down friction.  I found some with a quick Google search for "graphite canvas."

yes, i saw those pictures, thank you!  unfortunately they seem to be the ONLY photos i can find of this type of sander.. i wouldn't know where to get the motor or the drum. Any ideas? I wonder if there is anything commercially available.. do these sanders go by any other names?

will be interested to see how you progress tom as i myself am currently buying the parts i need to make a drop head  for bodies and board radius jobs  [ 2nd project sander ]  already have the alluminiun rollers and abrasive belt bought from ebay [ UK ] . take a look at the pics of my 1st project [ drum sander ].... nick





uk based tube supplier tom..  must be similar available in the USA ?


also.... this is where i bought the belt [ needs to be cut into 4 or 5 belts ]


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