When you talk to players do you find they need help with music or different keys at all? Or are they all fully trained in every key.Is there room to help them to help themselves.
This is a question not only about classical playing.
Do players wish they could escape the TABS system.TABS is good if you can`t read music.
If you had a system to convert from TABS to music would it be welcome? TABS is good. Music is good Both is better. Is there a demand? I could help them.

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The latest idea is to link up with an advertising firm that works for guitar magazines.They could use these very useful charts to draw people to their pages.The charts would be a freebee that could be downloaded.That would reach a lot of people and would help far more players.I started playing not long ago and I use eight different keys. (I just went to count them ) . One for the future.
John, You're being mysterious about your idea so maybe I just don't understand but what you wrote doesn't sound like it would do anything for me (the non music reader) that tablature doesn't already do. It shows me where the note is on the fingerboard, I don't have to understand sharps and flats. The cords are spelled out in clear terms and "Major and Minor keys work the same way". Plus, I don't have to practice keys.

So, what am I missing?
theory ? i am just guessing uh more knowledge of song structure making you able to play a piece in any key with old school learning structure i find guitar players that have this back ground can play anything they dam well please
I don't doubt this at all, Paul. I'm aware that my lack of discipline probably effects my playing ability. What I am wonder is what I'm missing about the difference between tablature and John's invention.

As far as changing keys is concerned; It's a pain but I manage when I need to. I often use a capo but that's usually because I want to have access to better string selection. I'm sure that learning to read music could improve my playing but I play pretty well without it.
try guitar pro 5 free down load compose a few things and e mail us back with what you think about it
You "zigged" when I "zagged", Paul. Somehow you seem to have the idea that my statements and questions were about composing music. My curiosity is about John's invention and how it works. What he wrote, earlier, sounds to me like tablature rather than something new. I might be interested in something that handles conversion of musical notation to tabs and back. I'm obviously missing something and I am asking what it is that I am missing.
well from the photo of your brain posted iam guessing hmm your missing out on all the hard reading lol
Yeah, My peanut brain is just to small to realize what I am missing.
As a non music reader you would be able to "decipher" the notes on the music.It would not happen in five minutes ,but take an example ,a very high note on the music would leave you wondering where to play it.You could work up from an open string and hope you were within2 or 3 frets. This new way would show you straight away where the note should be played.
I have collected a good cross section of attitudes to this already.
Mostly, I would like to help the ones that can`t get started,but want to.
You appear to be protecting your invention so, of course you are not giving details. That's your right and your choice but what you are saying STILL sounds like tablature to me. Tabs can give me the location of an individual note very quickly. That's the bases of the system. Are you converting musical notation to tabs?
Well I won`t go into exact details yet but say you had three complete beginners with guitars. Lock them in separate rooms and give the first one Tabs.He will work out how to play. Room 2 give him sheet music and nothing else.He will stuggle.
Room 3 Give him sheet music plus my new stuff.He will work out how to play also.
I heard of a teacher who used to use Tabs,and then forgot how to. Incredible.
I do lots of sight reading and when I sat down to deliberately learn Tabs it was just like sight reading and I had no trouble at all.So I think tabs people would be good at sight reading music once they have practised a bit .
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