This was my Christmas present in 2015 from Erindoors, a rather tired, battered and unloved specimen in need of a little TLC. Started getting it together over the summer and she is beginning to look better. Now I've looked all over for date stamps, model numbers pencil marks but can find nothing. Similarly I've spent a good deal of time over the last 10 months trawling the internet looking for a hint.So far nothing. I think it is 40s/50s, Chicago possibly. Not Harmony, I can't find anything with such a distinctive green MOTS neck. Its similar to some Supertone parlors both in shape and size. But as to details I am still none the wiser. Does anyone out there know anything about it?


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Looks like a Slingerland? I had one similar in pink.

Hi Steve, certainly a Chicago-made guitar, from the 30s.  Solid birch body, likely poplar or basswood neck.  Harmony used a rubber ink stamp right inside the sound hole and should be visible.  Supertone was made for Sears by Harmony.  There are a million of these decal guitars out there, and can be fun when set up properly.

Try this site:

Thanks for the replies. In many ways it is like the other Supertones that I own, but I think it lacks the build quality of them. The stencils on some are similar but not similar enough IMO. Harmony was my first thought, but being unable to find any reference in on-line catalogues or photographs I thought I'd ask here. The Slingerland thought is interesting, my guitar of choice for the last 2-3 years has been a rather beat up Slingerland May Bell, and comparing the two I'm not yet convinced. 

As you say Onewent they can be super guitars if set up properly and you don't have to be Donald Trump to afford one.


Im not sure maybe a Kay. I have a stella with the same bridge,Hawaii became a state in 59 so most likely before that 


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