Heres an update on my double neck project named BEHEMOTH if you saw the last pics heres an update.                                                                   ...

to put on the radius on the fretboards.( picture number 2)

In Picture number 3 thats my master teaching me how he does his radiusing on his belt sander, my profile picture is of me doing the second board ( i always turn my hat backwards when i work its an old work habit).



 this is the necks after i cut them out they are both maple ( also before the headstocks were cut out)




A closer shot of the headstocks.




my master workin on the sanding of the new shape of the headstocks.                          

the final headstock shape












                                                             The necks and Fretboards are both ready for there Truss Rod chaneels to be routed ( the boards are Rosewood with a 12 Radius)



Stay Tuned!!!!!.

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