Hi everyone , I have been at this for 25 years but very rarely see a tenor guitar , well now i have an electric tenor that's breaking the highest string (A) Scale length is 23" and he's using an 0.011" . I broke 2 just stretching them , so I tried 0.010" and broke it too . Im on a 0.009" now and so far its ok . Should I go with 0.008" ? The scale works out like tuning to A on 2nd fret of a guitar . Ideas please ?

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Hi Len.
Go ahead and try a .008 high A string. It certainly won’t hurt.
Also check to see if there are contributing mechanical factors involved like bride saddle burrs or abrasive contact points along the string path.
Other than that, I’m clueless.
Good luck and best regards our friend.

Thanks Paul , I will try that . No one would call you clueless by the way ...


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