Can someone tell me what the exact measurements are between the face of the nut and front edge of the saddle for both E strings on a Gibson acoustic with a 24-3/4" scale, please?

I want to know how far mine may be off from the factory standard.


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Since it is an existing instrument, don't worry about measuring distances.

Just play the open string and get it in tune with a decent tuner, then fret it at the 12th and see if that is in tune or how much it is off by.

That is really all that matters

You can replicate the Intonater with plain steel/brass rod.

Compensation is best achieved by a hands on adj. 'til "nearly" perfect intonation, not by a set it/forget it measurement...imo

I'll go out on a limb and say that every instrument varies in some minute way when it comes to this procedure.


Right on! I agree!

1941 L-00: 1st string is 24 7/8" and 6th string is 25"


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