I am working on a Fender Kingman and am having problems getting any information on it.

If any one can help me out would be great. Info or web site. The bridge is kind of odd. The cut out in the bridge for the pegs and saddle seems to be on an angle and I would like to know if that is how it should be. Any good pictures would help.   This is the one I am working on.




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Here's a photo of an intact bridge.

Here's a link to the owner's manual:

Note that action adjustments are not made at the bridge, but by tilting the neck.

A terribly designed guitar with a sound to match.  You have my condolences.   Conversion to a conventional 'slot & saddle' style bridge is likely your only hope. Even Fender did that on the reissues as indicated:

Best of luck

Hi Paul,

Thank you. Yes its a beast. I am in the proses of trying to get the busted up bridge plate off and there is little room.

Tanks Again


You're welcome, Charlie.

Yep, they're strange ducks. :)

Yet another attempt on adjustable saddles on an acoustic. Are there any that come even close wto working without destroying the sound?


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