I recently removed the bridge from a guitar I had made to correct a problem and a patch of finish lifted when I removed the bridge. It's nitrocellulose lacquer.  Can I fill it by brushing layers of lacquer on it until it's proud of the other finish then level it and wet sand the entire top, then respray the top?

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go in with a razor blade lift the lifted area a bit, just a smig your familiar with a smig correct ?place a tooth pick into some thinner after a minute or two you can lift a drop of the thinner out on to your tooth pick carefully place that drop where your razor is lifting the lifted portion of the or top coat release as the drop flows off the tooth pick do not touch .let dry and if youu need two drops of thinner use two drops if it 3 well then later
I'm afraid I misstated the problem. I should not have said "lifted", it's gone.
I don't see the need to respray. As you brush lacquer in the missing chip wet the edge with lacquer reducer (or retarder if you have some) so the new finish will bite into the old. Wait as long as you can stand it (a month) before buffing. It should blend in pretty well. (As Rick Turner is fond of pointing out, it will eventually sink lower than the old finish.) The original lacquer seems to have yellowed some. I keep a small jar of lacquer in a sunny window for matching.
Thanks Greg. I have some retarder and also some butyl cellosolve that I bought a long time ago for some reason that I can't recall. I guess that would work well.
I know it's OT, but how do you manage to load your pictures up so that they appear in your post as a picture, and not as a link you have to click on? Mike Kolb and I ( and probably a lot of other people too ), would love to know! :-)

Very easy. When you start a discussion there are some small icons on the top of the screen, One of them is "Insert Image". Click on it and browse for the one you want. For some reason, this seems to work only for starting a discussion. I tried it on a reply, and it didn't work even though there is an icon on the screen that says "Add An Image".


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