Hi - Does anyone have a source for the black double stick tape Fishman uses to mount their Eclipse acoustic pickups? I am moving a pickup from one guitar to another.

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the one I use is bought from ace hard wear it is generally used for carpet padding
Thanks. The thin white stuff? I tried that; and the unit falls off. I'm going to get some of that 3M stuff with the foam core. I think it might have more adhesion and will fit the uneven surface and fill the voids a little better? I am trying avoid having to wait for shipping. That black goo sure holds well.
Tom go to a flooring supply and buy the foam tape used to hold up lino cap its sticky as hell and strong
you might have something there
The black type used by a friend who makes piezo p/u's is made by 3M and is a window weld prod. but I can't remember the 4 digit #. It's used to install auto windshields. I prefer the white dbl sided foam carpet tape too.Less of a mess........
I got it in with the 3M foam core.stuff. It' s holding well. Thanks for input! My tape and adhesive collection is getting huge.


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