A customer brought in an older (maybe a 50's?) Framus nylon string acoustic for some work. The guitar has fan bracing and seems to be decently built, overall.  The coolest thing found, thus far, is an elaborate joint that attaches the headstock to the neck. Mighty fancy work.  Anyway....

The bridge is pulling up and It's badly in need of a neck reset.  So, I'm wondering if anyone knows what sort of a neck joint lays waiting for me in there?!  Sure, a standard dovetail would be nice, but I haven't a clue as to what Framus used back in the day.

Also can't find any model or serial numbers, so if someone could ID the guitar or has some previous knowledge about it, that'd sure be real useful:)   Three pics here and two more to follow....

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Framus pictures, part two.... Thanks for any help!


Hmmm... no takers?   A purposeful bump, in case someone might know about these things before the topic slips off into oblivion:)  

I did find out that it's probably related to a Framus "5/24 Barcelona", but the binding is fancier than what the Framus archival site shows.  Anyway, I'll forge-ahead on the neck reset and see if we've been blessed with a standard dovetail or not. -Report to follow-  Cheers...

Keep us posted Mike. I've worked on only a few and never a reset so I for one would like to know what you find.

Don't forget to take pictures for the "Neck Reset Gallery", Mike.

Framus, "Camping Guitar".

Dovetail.  Not hide glue, but it broke down under steam pretty fast.


BINGO!  Thanks Jeffrey!!  With no history, I had shaky visions of dowels or something in there:)

Much appreciated information.  BTW, that "camping guitar" is really cool...

I'm with Mike, cool guitar and great pictures.

I've never really paid much attention to these when I'm looking for a project. I remember seeing them around when I was younger and wasn't too impressed... but then what did I know?  Looking at these now, it seems that I may be missing something. Are they worth much effort? 

This one was bought by a friend, at a flea market in Czechoslovakia, for almost nothing, and was otherwise in good shape (other than being completely unplayable).

Arrgghh... this has become my nightmare guitar:)  Try as I might, I can't hit the dovetail with steam! So far I've got 5 holes (all at slightly different angles) in the 13th fret slot and nothing's getting through.

In addition, a drill broke-off in one of the holes, so either I had a bad drill -or- I hit something that wasn't anticipated being in there. (yes it's got a trussrod but I steered well-clear of it).

Something tells me this isn't "your father's dovetail".  Anybody have any alternate ideas for getting this $%# neck off?!  


 I understand that you can determine what type of neck joint a guitar has by griping the neck just below the head stock and FIRMLY hitting the side of the lower bout on the floor repeatedly. Sooner or later the neck joint architecture will be revealed although this is usually only recommended on guitars that actually belong to you.

Hah! I love the idea's not mine.  Where's a handy x-ray machine when we need one? 

After seeing Jeffrey's pics of his Framus' dovetail, it was full-steam ahead (pun intended) with less-than-youthful exuberance ...but there's something going on in there that isn't kosher.

Back to the drawing board.


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