Hey all. I beveled my fret ends too much (strings slip off the fret), so I'd like to refret the neck. I'm concerned when I remove these frets the slots will be too large because it will be the 2nd time I've pulled the frets. What are my options if the slots are too large? I was thinking hide glue. But does it need wood shavings mixed in with it?


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 IMO. I wouldnt worry too much about it as i think the frets will still have a wood to grab. unless you have a fret goes in EXACTLY like the old fret (the barbs go in the exact holes) the frets will hold. I would not use hide glue for the glue in process because of the water and you'll end up with more back bow than you'd want. I've ran into this on some 80s japanese guitars. the fret tang and bard was too big for modern wire. when I tried to hammer the frets in they would pop out. my remedy was to use the long stew mac aluminum caul (with the correct radius)and expoxy them in. I do it in one pass and there is hardly ever any levelling after the fact. i try to use smiths all wood epoxy because that is strong. when its time for refret, use a soldering iron and ther epoxy gets soft with no tear out. just my 2cents. ive done this probably 20 times and i now have it down to a science. i usually do this when i am installing stainless too because i dont want those ever pulling out!! good luck!


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