Hi folks, I'm trying to get a handle on just what this one is. Black face, glued on bridge (missing), no pick guard, 16" lower bout, bound top and back, MOP loge the Gibson slanted.

There is some internal bracing I think is not original but don't know for sure. I am assuming there was nothing other than the transverse brace in these things originally.

Where to look for good pic of a bridge? I will need to replicate one.

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could you sende a picture of what you have and we can pinpoint it down

Having trouble sending uploads. Will try again later.

This guitar is somewhere between 1907 and 1908 as far as I can determine but not everything agrees. Hand written in pencil serial number 7878 on a white oval label with Orville and lyre, stamped number on neck block 588. There are no signs of ever having a tailpiece or pick guard.

What concerns me is the long internal braces that connect the lining and sides in the upper bout , waist, and the sides in the lower bout. The neck (top of frets) project to the bridge area 1/4" above the top, no bridge.
Here are 3 of Michael's photos. Will add 3 more later.
Another 3.....
Is this a "style O" ?
have I got the date close?
Is that internal bracing original, or as I suspect, not?
Where to see an example of a correct bridge.
Michael that brace looks like it butts up to its own block against the side. Could this stuff be installed after the box was assembled? It doesn't look so. Does the back show evidence of being off at some point?

I have never seen anything like that.

There are blocks at each end of the braces. The back doesn't show obvious signs of being off. There is a very slight under lap (if I can use that as a word) near the tail block area, but that could have been from a slight seam separation/reglue. The braces start an inch or so away from the neck block and brush against the waist and continue to the lower bout where they contact the sides.
Well, I found an exact match of this guitar at the National Music Museum in Vermillion SD. The one they have is a STYLE O from 1907 and an earlier serial number than the one in my shop.

Good pic of the bridge, so now I know what to make.

No comment on the internal bracing, so I still don't know about that. My first guess was that it was put in to keep the body from folding in the middle, maybe stave off the need for a neck reset.
Have any of you seen inside one of these old Gibsons? This long bracing (end to end reinforcement) is the puzzle and I would like to know more about it before I start any work on this guitar.

Frank, are you out there?
Hi Michael try Rodger Siminoff and Gruhn Guitars
Good Luck , Mark
Wow What a critter!!

I never seen a thing like that brace. Come up some one and tell us about it!!

I wont be able to sleep tonight!!



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