I purchased a '73 - '75 (couldn't get specific year from serial number) Gibson J55 not too long ago in preparation for my first neck reset.  I didn't pay much so don't feel bad about giving me bad news.  What I need to know is if there is anything to look out for, like a really atypical joint.  I've got a series of other issues to address on the guitar that i'm pretty sure I have a grip on but may bring up later.  

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here is a link to what I pics I have on the j-55 so far.   

http://[URL= for the follow-up info. It is all quite interesting and good to know that these particular models have a regular dovetail joint.

The BR neck was most likely anticipated for a Blueridge model of the same era. Curiosity note.....was the binding intact and in good shape on these three examples?

Interesting also that the older style 'orange oval label' was used on your example instead of the typical 70's rectangular one.

I agree with the blue ridge neck as the neck was wider on that one I put a new folder on a 74 j-55 that is on it's way to the bench today I put the calipers to the 73 (no frets and 74 and you can see the width difference and the rectangle label) the binding on the 74 is in bad condition on the 73 I was able to bring it back w/ lacquer thinner.

On the 73 (if you care to look at all the pics) the finish was lose from the mahogany witch posed a problem as Gibson put pigment in the lacquer matching the color was a pain,  but I think I conquered and it's in clamps now should be ready for a final buff then new nut and saddle and fret leveling and polish in the next day or two.  I put some pics of a guild true American that I just refinished if you're interested, that box was in real bad shape, binding was beyond repair the top was really scratched and filthy, the neck had gouges in it so I did the top binding with some tiger maple, kind of pretty now though.  

Thanks for the follow up, it's humbling to know its getting the attention it deserves, and that it's not the dreaded Norlin era monster that I suspected it might be.


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