I have a serious back crack on a Gibson L-5. Any repair ideas.
Hopefully I can add photos.

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Great to see this one brought back from the dead!  

The 16-inch L-5 widely considered Gibsons' finest hour.   It clearly set the pace for all future jazz guitars.  I bet it sounds good, too.

Thanks Frank, just got it strung up yesterday. It’s loud and punchy sounding. She’s rough looking but solid and plays nice.



Indeed, what Frank said, back from the dead. I wonder how long it's been silent?  It's cool that you took this on and saved that basket case L-5, silent no more!

Thanks Frank and Paul.

I bought this from another repair person about 2 years ago, and he had it for about 20 years. It was a winter project although I think I did the neck repairs last winter, the heel was cracked and a couple inlays missing, plus needed refreting.



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