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Ahhhhh......Gibson strikes again.

A poor finish & a plastic overlay on a $6K guitar? I'm not surprised. They still put plastic nuts on $5000+ Les Paul reissues. Plus, the current finishes on their necks are sooooooooooooo soft as to be unusable by working guitarists.

I have no repair suggestions to add.

Best of luck with your repair.
Well, they've got the new Firebird X guitar to solve all that.
I checked out that FB X on their website. LMAO. A just fell off (:

Oh, I get it....they spend all their $$$ designing guitars that are GUARANTEED NOT TO SELL. A perfect companion tho the Reverse Flying V or those goofy multi-colored laminated SG's.

I still don't get their robo-tuner gimmick. So what gave Gibson the idea that people are too lazy to tune their own guitars? Oh ya, a trip to any GC on a Saturday afternoon.

Sorry Eric. Didn't mean to interrupt this thread. I'm done(:

Peace to all (:
No problem Paul. What I try to keep in mind is that the REAL guys at Gibson ar the guys who make the instruments.........not the Board !!.I met the guys at Kalamazoo with Craig Hoffman way back in the 70's and a nicer bunch you couldn't meet. What they are forced to put out as product is another matter and their policies are just typical of todays' perspective with large Corporates.
Ever seen the problem......?
Cheers ...E ....( 04:00 am here ...just off to take my daughter to the airport .....the joys !! )
Eric, do you have a photo of this? I have a customer with a Gibson Blues King with what seems like an identical problem. I will add a photo later
Tom, I do......the customer sent me one for evaluation but it's hard copy. I'll scan it in later and load it up for you.
Didn't get into the shop today so it will be tomorow before I lay down the primary coats and check the results.
As promised
Here is a 2004 Blues King photo. Almost identical problem. Looks the plastic overlay might not be a good idea?

Tom,Have you also been asked to resolve this or has your customer placed the instrument with you for other work?
p.s. Any of the Gibson community have any input on this? How will this prob be handled in the U.S ...??
Warranty ??
.....Thanks .....E
Eric. I am just restringing it, and then selling it on consignment. The customer decided lower the price and let the new owner deal with it. I am interested to see what happens with your repair as I might be dealing with this one in the future.
Lacquer now on and logo applied ( Customer supplied ) . I pre-coated with a light shellac wipe and it seems to have worked .....time will tell !!
The guitar will be re-assembled and set-up on Friday , Customer collects it Tuesday a.m. and I will ask to review it in about 6 weeks to check for any creep etc.
....Cheers , E


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