Hello All,

I've been watching videos of Glu-boost being used as a clear pore filler---what's not to like?  The price! 

It's possible that the stuff in that little bottle goes a long way, and that the cost per guitar is reasonable.

Does anyone know of a similar product at a lower price?



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Hi Brian,

I’ve never tried Glu-boost for pore filler…..but I’ve used various other types of CA glue for that job and they all work about the same. 
the only thing I’m not crazy about is the odour. 


Hello Cal,

I would have passed the stuff off as yet another hyped product, except that Michael Dresdner and Jeff Jewitt are enthusiastic about it---especially Jeff....They are both authors of excellent books on finishing.



Hi, I tried it a couple of years ago, spending a $100 or more to get started inc the accelerator etc. However, what I did not like was that at the rate I use it all the bottles I had bought went hard, or too hard to flow within a year. And I suspect that due to that when hit with the accelerator it seamed to crystallise and was hard to level smooth.

I kept the unopened bottles in the fridge and once opened in a small cabinet with my other CA glues. In the warmer climate I work in, smaller bottles would be a better idea.  I have no problem with the CA glue that is in in smaller bottles.

I suppose if you use it as pore filler one might use most of the bottle sooner. I had the throw two half used bottle away.


Hello Taffy,

Most of Gluboost's advertising seems aimed at repair people, and I just build. I've' been searching for a clear pore filler that works well for well over 20 years. I've been having reasonable success with WEST epoxy, provided I wait for 30 minutes or so before scraping back...

I seem to get the longest life from Satellite City's Hot Stuff---no data, just an impression...I've got some Gluboost "standard thick" coming in this week, and I'll report back...

Shellac flakes, stored in the freezer, dissolve completely even after years of storage..




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