There seems to be some issues with glue joints on torrefied soundboards. I’m interested in recommendations based on experience for best type of glue and gluing procedures. 

Thanks for any help,


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Hi David.
Sorry to see no replies to your question.
I’m not a builder so I can’t address the technicalities of your query bu let me offer a suggestion:
Give the forum members examples of the problems cited in your original post. i.e. glue joint failure of the top seam ..... problems with top adhesion to kerfing or braces, etc.
The more detailed description you provide, the better chance you have getting an appropriate reply from one of the talented builders on the forum.
Hope this suggestion brings the results you requested.
Best of luck.

Hello David, 

I have no experience with torrefied spruce soundboards so far.

Do you have any soundboards ordered/ at your disposal?

In that case it would be as simple as doing a few test runs with hide glue, titebond etc on scrap pieces (taken from outside your outline/design)

Kind regards


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