Hello. I am installing the tuners as listed in the title, but am puzzled. There are two sets of small washers, one thin, the other a bit more than twice as thick,and I'm unsure of how they fit on the posts.

Pictures are included. My question is what order the washers are used, and where does the string go?I have Googled the model, but found no help, and there were no instructions in the box. I suspect they are early models. I had a long gap, from 1982 until 2006 where I even picked up a guitar, so I missed out on the advent of locking tuners. I bought these on the Bay. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I have not seen these older model locking rotomatics before but it appears they have a thumb screw on the back to "pinch" the string once it is put in the eyelet like a schaller or sperzel. If that is what i'm seeing then where is the post? all the locking rotomatics if have seen have an outer post that spins freely from the inner post and when you turn the button it locks the string in pinching it between the two post. Perhaps did you get these off ebay or second hand? something doesn't seem right.... As for the washers thickness perhaps they are for different headstock thickness. I am used to only seeing one set of washers on in a set of machines. I am no expert and these do predate my luthier carrier.. so maybe someone else on here knows something more about these.

Good luck Randall!

Hi Randall,

Firstly, if you check out the 0002016.jpg you will note that the floor under the out of focus headstock is in focus - you need to stand on a chair and take a long shot or three or engage the macro setting on your camera.  Can make a small in focus shot bigger but the out of focus stuff just ain't enough.   I can't find these tuners in my reference stuff and Google is going to be a search but some better images may help.  Will keep looking, Rusty.

Is this what you have (PNG file attached.)


Call Allparts 800.327.8942 ask for Harry. He's been in the parts biz for decades and has seen everything.

Thanks for the comments, and thanks to Russell for the pics. Yes, that is what I have, and the pick-shaped screwdriver was included in the bottom of the box. It finally dawned on me that the washers, bushings, actually, must have had the intent to allow thinner or thicker headstocks to be used, as Michael suggested. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one, I guess. I tried the thicker ones, and not enough tension from the break angle. The thinner bushings, with the string locked between the bushing and the screw, seem to be what Grover intended. I'll try them that way as they seem to work. Thanks again.


Hard to see from these pictures, but maybe are they meant to be used for creating a staggered set?


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