Anyone have a source for Grover machine head parts?  The white nylon/plastic washers, and the metal spring washers? 

Also,  does anyone know not having these parts will damage the gears? 

Thanks - Tom

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Hi Tom.


A few years ago I contacted Grover to see if they would honor their lifetime warranty on a gold Rotomatic on an early 60's National Glenwood (no, not the map guitar, the one that preceded it). 


All I had to do is send it to them and they sent me a period correct replacement per their warranty.


Although this has nothing to do with your question; they were super to work & deal with.  I'd drop them an e-mail at  I bet they can help you out.


As far as the nylon washers, I personally don't think they make a difference.  The spring washer keeps the tension screw from prematurely loosening so it's a good idea, although again IMO; not vital. 


My local ACE Hardware store has miniature washers (both spring steel & nylon) in extremely small sizes.  You may want to check with them as well as Fastenall or McMaster-Carr. 


BTW: Ace sells  stainless steel #4 x 1/2"  oval head Phillips screws [for Fender pick guards etc.], for $4 for a box of 100.  Sure beats other places that charge 15 cents on up for them (:


Best of luck (:

Paul, Thanks for taking the time to reply. Great reference info . fyi - 1970's Grovers.  I will contact them.  Tom


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