Some fun stuff I found working on instruments 

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This was done by a fellow repairman in my hometown:   he charged the customer  money for it.    I has cooking skewers, wood dowels , Tech screws, Plastic pickguard material cleats, expanding poly glue, yellow glue, automotive "bog" and goodness knows what else all finished off with rattle can paint.    Shame is too kind a word for this stuff.



Danm not nice... wow sad that people pay money for these badly done repairs..

One of my all-time favorites is from Frank Ford's other site:

Need to tune up QUICK!

Here's a variant of Claus's entry above. Creative!

Not petty...  and bravo he ruined the bridge.. 

Ran across this on the Goodwill auction site, another creative bridge solution. At least strings are going there, I think it's a bridge. Here is a link to the instruments auction.

  1. Danm...


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