Hello Hello!! What would be the best material to apply the lacquer? At the moment I'm using regular flannel and I'm getting alot of "fuzzies" in the finish.... Any suggestions?


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I've used old cotton tee shirt material or even old cotton sheets ( well washed) for all my hand wiped finishes but I haven't wiped Nitro and didn't know you could. Flannel MIGHT work as a core for a French polish type pad but I wouldn't use it directly on the instrument.

That's what I was thinking. I don't know one could hand wipe it either, but I'm going to find out. Thanks Ned
I I think you are in for a lot of trouble trying to put more than one coat of Nitro on with a cloth as the next coat will melt the first. But give it a try you never know.Bill.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Yep.. We'll see.


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