Harald Petersen classical neck joint ? What type ?

I have a UK made Harald Petersen classical that has really high action . Does anyone out there know what type of neck joint Harald would use ? This Petersen has a spruce top , maple sides + back , Spanish Guitar Centre label with his signature . Thanks in advance !

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Look inside the soundhole to see the neck block.  If what you see is rather narrow and has end grain showing, that's a good indication the guitar was built in the Spanish tradition and the neck will not be removable.

If the block shows side grain and looks wider, then you might have a dovetail neck joint, or something else. . .

It does have a block that shows side grain .  The repairman said it is not a Spanish heel joint . He has never worked on a Petersen before and still is unsure as to how the neck was fixed to the body .

These shots will not help much but the one shows the string height and the other shows the top cracks .  The guitar is at the repair shop now . I will try to get some photos of the inside block next week 


Will try to get better shots later


Well, it doesn’t look spanish.  


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