Am considering butchering an old acoustic cello and glueing a maple block on for a body, and adding some electronics, ala Leo.

The Steinberger ones are great, but $$$.

The only problem I foresee is the pickup system: curved to match the fingerboard radius.

Any suggestions?

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Solid or semi hollow body?What shape will it be?
I am thinking solid body. I like the shape of the Steinberger model. Too many of them try to look like acoustic cellos by adding wings. These wings are great for holding it between your legs sitting down, but unnecessary really, especially if one plays it standing up.
Hi Rick - I would like to see the finished product - I'm not positive but check the L.R.Baggs web site and see if they make a pickup of sorts to suit your needs, if not, I'm sure that if you dab into it, then you will come up with something that will work for you.
Best to you on your project..... I love the "unusual" especally if someone says -- "it can't be done"
I have taken the cello up again, and love the sound of my old acoustic cello through my pedal board and different amps. The problem is the feedback. Plugging the f-holes night help.

I also love the challenge of thinking in fifths instead of fourths when improvising.
Check out this site. Might be some ideas here:


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