I've heard/read conflicting information about Richlite. Anyone have the straight dope? Can the fingerboard extension be heated off with a lamp and a hump over the body leveled with sandpaper? Bridges removed and glued with what glue?


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Thanks for the help guys,

How annoying,

I am very curious what Martin tells warranty shops to do.

I'm certainly not going forward unless or until I hear something that can account for the discrepancy between what I was told and your experiences.

Maybe if Martin could use the Ebony wasted on dead Chinese cellos piling up in my shop this whole thing could be avoided.

The phase in from micarta to richlite occurred in early 2009 and the two thermoplastics react differently to applied heat, sanding not so much a concern. Micarta can bubble and flake when overheated while richlite has a greater resistance.
Martin production uses their typical white glue to adhere the fingerboard extension and bridge on the synthetic components in their Nazareth plant while the Mexican made X series necks are attached to the body with cyanoacrylate.

Last summer, I reset the neck on a recent Martin 000, with the Richlite fingerboard, and I described my results on this forum. After obtaining samples of Richlite from an authorised dealer( and no help from Martin), I was able to heat the samples(with my LMI blanket) to 350 degrees, with no problem. I removed the fingerboard extension( heated to 300 degrees), with no problem. It's probably not necessary to go to 300 degrees( but Richlite is rated, according to the rep, to above 400degrees). Again, these were simply my results: it worked for me.

Thanks Rich,

After talking to Martin and Alex Glasser who talked to Martin again, I heated off the board with no problem. No where near. 300 was needed. A 250watt heat lamp 8" away for about 4 minutes did the trick.

I plan on posting a full account when the repair is all done so others can go to school on me too.

excellent news!!!


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