Picked this acoustic up for the nice 60's style case, now curious as to what brand the guitar may be..

After looking at thousands of pics online I have not found a identical match to this double pickguard, and very few of this style bridge with curved pins. The guitar has had a Gibson decal added at some point, but looks like it was when it was fairly new as the patina matches the rest of the guitar..

The guitar appears all original including the 'chiclet' buttoned tuners...The top of the headstock does not look like it has been recut or refinished either...Blacklight shows no overspray

Just a wall hanger, but I like to know the history of any help is appreciated..



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Looks like real winner! The top appears to be pine, maybe it belonged to "Pinetop Smith"!

Hahah...Yeah...with that much pickguard, I don't guess it matters much what it was made of..

Like i said, bought it for the case...One of those medium brown with burgundy lining on the edges in good shape inside and out..$20 for all....Not a Lifton, but decent enough for some other acoustics I have..

Never know what you will run across at yard sales!

I guess the pick guards were added later. The sunburst looks pretty good in the pictures but, like you, I doubt that the Gibson sticker is original either. The bridge shape is not completely unique but, right now, I can't remember where I've seen it before. It may be an early to mid '70s guitar made in japan. 

 No internal labels of numbers?

No makers marks anywhere, no label, no FON etc.....including the neckblock. It is X braced, but has cheap kerfing on top and bottom, almost has a pressed paper look to it...braces are sanded well and fit to sides well.

The guards look to be original, but who knows? lol  2 ply standard stuff...

Forgot to mention, No truss rod...


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