Does anyone know where I can get the correct size herringbone purfling for a1946 Martin D-28?
I am in the process of restoring one now and the top is missing about 2 inches. The stuff that stew mac and lmi sell doesn't match. The marquetry is not of the same dimensions.

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Try calling the Guitar Maker's Connection at Martin. They may not stock as an item but might be able to either see if the company has some stashed away.

- Steve
Jack is there any way you can send a picture and give me some idea of the size ?The one we have here in Canada is a little different.Bill.""""""
here is a picture. Hope it is clear enough.
Jack owers are 1\6th apart .I will try and find out if some one around here has a 1946 to compair it with. Bill."""""""
Thank you Bill.


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