Hi Folks, I've been looking in archives to see if anyone has explained how to set a neck with an Ice Cream Cone heel. I wonder if anyone that has done this can share the best method for a reset. The guitar is a Martin from 1886ish. In a previous discussion I posted a photo of the straight edge placed on the fingerboard and it's relation to the bridge. It nearly touches the top of the soundboard, so a reset is definitely in order. Thanks for any info. I've done resets on other guitars but this heel is a caution. 

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Since the top of the heel can be thin on an ice-cone heel, it may be a better option to glue triangular shims, thicker under the fretboard, to the wings instead of sanding down the top of the heel as usual.

I also drill a hole almost through the heel with the fretboard off and epoxy glue a hardwood (birch) dowel in the hole to make the heel stronger. If the Martin have a true ice-cone heel with the grain in the wood going along the heel, this is not needed. Cheap parlors have the neck and heel made from one piece of wood, and the heel is often cracked and glued.

Thanks Roger. It is a true Martin...has the stamps in the appropriate places, upside down on the heel block (interior). I am sorry to say I am not understanding the term "wings" in your advice. Would you be able to instruct me on this one? Thanks.

The part on the neck heel that you normally sand to reset the neck. The heel surface that contacts the body. Maybe it has a name...

Thanks. That makes sense.

Cheeks? ;-)


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