on, under restringing a banjo, a banjo being used on page 3 and 4 of 5 pages, with a star on the head, what brand of Banjo is that? I have one and the star on the head and dots on the fretboard are the only Identifying features. Hopefully you will remember the Banjo that was being set up in the pics. It has a resonator and 24 j hooks. I need to replace the 5th string peg and do not know if it is geared or friction.

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I thinks this is a Bart Reiter Banjo... These I really like, and have been longing for quite a while now. See The star appears on some bajo heads, and other inlays on others...

Thanks for the info. It could very well be a Bart Reiter. It would be a standard or a special. I looked at his price and options list and didn't find a Resonator listed on the options. I guess it might be a good idea to take some pics and e-mail them to him and see if he can ID the banjo.
Unfortunately, the star on the head is a common thing in banjos. It dates back to early banjos by Fairbanks & Cole, Vega etc. but it has been copied by about every maker since. If you post some photos I may be able to help identify it. Are there any markings on the inside of the rim? Is it an open back or resonator banjo?
Is your reason for identifying the banjo to decide whether to use a geared or friction 5th peg? If so, just use a geared tuner. No reason not to, whatever it had before.
I have already installed a geared 5th string peg. My overwhelming curiosity is to know who manufactured this Banjo so when people ask, I van give them an answer as to what brand it is.
John, that looks to me to have been built from a Stewart MacDonald kit.
I just sent e-mail and pics to Gold Tone, Hopefully they can tell me something about this jewel.
The armrest in the pics is one that I installed, it did not have one.
Thanks for the help folks. I'm a little closer to figuring out the Who made it Question.


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