I'm looking for a place where I can find cheap scraps of wood??

I'm looking for a supplier who sells small scraps of spruce, mahogany, ect. to use for testing colors and odd repairs. I'm tired of spending way too much from the luthier supply companies. Other than ebay, anyone know of a good place to find cheap scraps of wood that are actually useful? I'd like to buy a lot of random useful scraps.

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What I need to find is an old lumber mill, like the one "The Waltons" tv show had :) I'd love to find one that still cuts wood by hand. That's where the good stuff is ... lol! I haven't located one around here yet, but I've not given up looking.
Jeff find the flooring stores in your area and talk to the hardwood floor installers,i was a flooring contractor for yrs and kept all my scraps,rosewood maple mahogany walnut,and the shipments of flooring that came from Asia and south america were on hardwood pallets, i have scrounged some really nice neck blanks from these.i have some really nice brazillian cherry and bolivian rosewood i use for bridges and fretboards.also made my first guitar out of flooring left overs.good luck
There used to be a mill in Prairie Grove called Nations or National or something like that. It was there for decades so there's a pretty good chance they're still in business. My father still has a stack of walnut that he got from them about 30 years ago. Unless they have changed in the last decade or so, everything is air dried.

Another potential source for some wood is old furniture. I've been surprised how many old mahogany table I've seen listed in craigslist that have hard wood tops and rock bottom prices. I understand that in some areas, craigslist isn't all that large but in SoCal it's huge.

Jeff just what are you in despert need of at this time? iF it is some spruce top wood then I think i can be of some help , ,s end me your address to ex440-1@hotmail,com
I realize that you didn't make the offer to me but I could use a bit of fine grained spruce ( 45 grain per inch is what the top is) if you have any that I can purchase. I've worked out a plan to use the wood under the bridge as patch material for exposed areas but it requires me to also patch under the bridge where it doesn't need it now. I don't really need much, a piece that is 8 inches by 2 inches would do it.

I will take a look Ned .A friend gave me a about 10 pc of mismatched top wood a long time ago and i never used any of them.Jeff if i can get the wood to you you will have all the cleats you need for awhile.BILL.
Thanks Bill. I appreciate it.

Ned that top you have must of come from Siberia .I get my tops from Alaska and the best i can get is 16 t0 25 grains to the inch sorry Bill.''''''''''''''''''''''''
Thanks anyway, Bill. I appreciate that you looked. The top is old, which may be why it is so fine. It seems that spruce with this grain count is available but expensive today.

Thanks again.
I appreciate that more than you know. If you have any bigger scraps, those would work great for the inlays of the top crack repairs. But, beggars can't be choosers. Anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated! Again, thank you so much!! Let me know if I owe you anything


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