Improving plywood acoustics sound: lacquer finish removal

I have an old acoustic/electric AEL20 plywood guitar by Ibanez; the instrument really has a great look, play-ability, mechanics etc..... all but except the sound.

I do also have a solid-wood OM acoustics and I know where a standard acoustic guitar voice takes its beginning, however AEL20 with its thick lacquer finish (Vintage Violin) sounds far worse than $50+ plywood small-body (OM) Chinese IRIN acoustics with Open Pore finish which I compared at a local store.

I am thinking of scraping off the thick finish from AEL20....... I do understand the importance and role of finishes on the acoustics, the most significant is that the guitar's body becomes physically and
chemically absolutely unprotected without lacquer...... Have you ever done either heard of such an experience? Any advice from you would be hugely valuable!

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Certainly a thick polyester (?) finish isn't doing the sound of that guitar any good, but you are aware that there are lots of other factors at play as well. You'll find it a huge chore to remove that stuff, and you'll wind up with a guitar that's probably pretty ugly, and may or may not sound better.

I also doubt that removing the finish is going to make much of a difference to the sound of that guitar. A cheap plywood electric/acoustic is never going to be a great instrument, although they may sound OK plugged in.

Thank you for taking the time and responding on the theme. Usually, light and small-size instruments sound always louder and fuller than big and heavy guitars......  I do have solid-wood OM model which with a great voice has a sound volume of a grand-piano...... and, I am comparing this AEL20 to that OM beauty, perhaps, this is not an equal expectation......

Plugged-in sound: Yes, this big A/E Ibanez sounds absolutely fine plugged-in as all my instruments are equipped with only internal condenser microphones (no piezo nor sound-hole magnetic....).....

Sadly, this mass-production guitar is a real sound-muffler unplugged......  perhaps, purchasing that cheap Chinese OM acoustics seems to be a better idea and less-expensive than removing the finish by Ibanez.....


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