Out of curiosity, what are some opinions on guitar polish? I know it may seem like sort of a mundane topic, but I have used Dunlop formula 65 and it seems O.K. But it sems to leave a residue that has to be buffed out, which doesn't really bother me just figured I would see if there's any concensus on something that works real well.

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I use Meguiar's Professional Show Car Glaze #7 on my French polished guitars as the last step before they're strung up. It does a perfect job. They recommend that you don't allow it to dry on the surface, but even if it does, the residue is still quite easy to rub off with a soft CLEAN towel. And, as Paul says, find it at you favorite local auto parts store.

Gotta admit the Meguiar's is great stuff. And some of the expensive guitar polishes you buy smell strangely like Mequiar's. Hmmmmmmmmm.
Thanks Bob, I was doing some reading and glanced across a review that said the meguiar's stuff smells pretty knarly. Do you find the smell to be a problem or does it sort of waft into space somewhere?

And maybe you could also recommend a good book on french polishing?
Not to worry. The smell isn't that bad at all and doesn't linger too long.

Ron Fernandez has a DVD devoted to French polishing ( that I'm told is very good. I know Ron personally and he is extremely knowlegeable about the topic. I haven't seen the DVD but I expect it would tell you everything you need to know to get started, etc.

I learned the craft from an online tutorial on the Milburns' website ( and it is likewise quite thorough. There are refinements one might make to their basic method but you can't really go too wrong following their lead. As with most other finishing methods, the devil's in the surface prep.

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Meguiar's #7 is probably one of their oldest products and has been a favorite of concours prep folks for
decades. The only profession as concerned about silicones as we are is the auto detailing industry
so you are safe with most car products. If you've ever painted a car that still had silicone residue in
the old paint, you know the definition of frustration.
I kinda like the smell of #7, I need help....


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